Controlling your off-camera flash has never been simpler, or quicker. Just attach your flash to Panlight, then use the small remote control to achieve the perfect positioning. Enjoy lightning fast flash setups, and retain control when your subject moves. Remote control of your speedlight allows you to fine tune your lighting even at a distance.


Using the included adapter, Panlight becomes the perfect camera controller, opening up a world of possibilities for remote camera positioning.

Achieve an angle that's otherwise out of your reach, or discretely place your camera anywhere you can't get to. By combining Panlight with your mirrorless camera's wifi app, you can add an invisible second shooter to your arsenal.

Panlight also features time-lapse. Simply program an angle and duration and Panlight will create dramatic hyper-lapses, adding real edge to your work.


Despite its small size, Panlight uses incredibly strong motors and moves your speedlight flash or mirrorless cameras with precision.


Panlight works at two speeds. Achieve large adjustments quickly, then fine tune with precision using the lower speed.


Maintain perfect control of your composition, or fine tune the direction of light falling on your subject, without having to return to your light stand or tripod.


Panlight works with all speedlight flashes via its hot-shoe mount, and supports all radio triggers currently on the market. Mirrorless camera & lens combinations up to 2.2lbs (1kg) are also supported.

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"The game changer that we professional photographers have been waiting for! It opens up so many possibilities and is so easy to use!"
Erwin Darmali – Apertura
“Panlight is the virtual lighting assistant of the future!”
JVS – JVS Creative
"The next best thing to the flying flash I dream of. So looking forward to getting my hands on Panlight."
Dave Cheung – DQ Studios